Sunday, January 31, 2010

I hate steering

This tri-geek must be allergic to his handlebars...

Spring Fling is just around the corner and with that brings a new crop of potential baggers. For some folks, this is their "A" race- an early peak in hopes of scoring cheap upgrade points. For others, its a great chance to get a one day license and "start over" as a Cat5 and win a neat little ribbon by stomping on the fresh meat. Yeah, you know who you are.

Normally r5 encourages upgrading out of the 5's as soon as you get your 10 starts and aren't getting dropped. But there are some that no matter how fast they are, should NEVER be allowed in a race because they did not bother to learn how to steer. Lets hope that chainring to the forehead he got from riding like an idiot and crashing out a whole mess of riders in his first 3/4 race keeps this guy from coming back again.


  1. Guy wins all the time trials. Even beat the 1/2's at auburn 20k.

    Yes, I've been checking this site all day and it was worth it to be the 1st post!

    You and I, both need a life!

  2. Some guys only go fast in a straight line. Stick a few turns in there, and their a hazard to everybody around them. If you can't take 4 right-hand turns without killing yourself or taking out 10 other guys, then do the "B" race on Tuesday night.

  3. Werd to yuh mutha on this one.......

  4. That guy is a held in high esteem by the Colav*ta guys. He's the only one with greater field-crash skills than they, themselves, possess.

    Were it not for that spastic rocket's ability to go where he darn pleases, damning the torpedoes and fellow weekend warriors, we'd only be left with dudes like Stevey V. turning CX events into drag races.

  5. Hey lay off of stevie v. He's getting better. He at least works on getting better.

  6. damm it, r5... write about people i know! who the hell is this nickle slots sandbagger?

    but then again, i dont know many people in the race scene.

    keep up the good work.

  7. This is an impressive blog. Might want to include some facts though. The guy in question has impeccable standards. Great teamate. He's also a decorated war hero. He's a category 4 by the way. He tried to upgrade to 3 and was not allowed by KCA because of the number of races he's done. Might want to check your sources. I will be happy to discuss this with anyone. My name is Brendan Sheehan.

  8. Hey Brendan, no one is calling him a sandbagger. Just the opposite actually. He should still be in 5's because of his handling skills. What sources should be checked? The emergency room x-rays of the guys whose bones were broken because of his grass surfing and corning diving?

  9. The only facts I see mentioned by r5 are that he says the rider crashed out a bunch of others in a 3/4 race and that he apparently took a chainring to the gourd (ouch). The rest of r5's diatribe would be opinion that said rider doesn't know how to race and shouldn't until he does so. One could argue that to be true I suppose, but again, that's opinion. You've stated opinion and fact too.

    1. Impressive blog (see you can be sarcastic too!)
    2. Impeccable standards
    3. Great teammate

    1.Decorated war hero (best thing said on this whole site)
    3.Tried to upgrade
    4.Your name is Brendan Sheehan (owner of Santa Fe Trails and one of the best shops around frankly)

    My suggestion would be to NOT say anything about the post BECAUSE you only feed the trolls' desire to keep up the garbage, regardless whether you actually HAVE a valid point or not in defending your friend and teammate. The whole point of this blog is to get a reaction out of folks. Whether there is no call for this filth is immaterial when he's got you hook, line, and sinker. In other words, mission accomplished. r5 has bagged on one of my friends on here already and I see it for what it is so I choose to say nothing and the trolls go away. Mark Cole saw right through the hazing and played along. It's no fun trying to get a reaction if the person you bag on doesn't react or doesn't react in some way you had hoped for (Mark laughed it off whereas Josh Taylor just about stroked). Know what I mean Vern?

  10. How about promoters add a 'Roid Rage class next season, for the 360 guys? The rest of us can race normal classes.

  11. Ryan Halloran anyone?

  12. Dudes been baggin for 5 years at least! Where you at r5?

  13. That would be a blog all of its own. He finished 5th out of 104 at tulsa tough last year.
    09/06/2009 - Tour des Hills | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    12 Ryan Halloran 62054 317 Chamois Butt'r Powered By The
    09/05/2009 - Tour de Lafayette | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    11 Ryan Halloran 62054 317 Chamois Butt'r Powered By The

    08/03/2009 - Missouri State Criterium Championships | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    7 Ryan Halloran 62054 79

    06/27/2009 - Lee's Summit Criterium | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    3 Ryan Halloran 62054 49:17.8 348 THE WHEEL CYCLING CLUB

    06/21/2009 - Tour de WingHaven | Road Race | Cat 2/3 | |
    10 Ryan Halloran 62054 01:03:43.00 225 Chamois Butt'r Powered By The

    05/31/2009 - Tulsa Tough Race | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    DNF Ryan Halloran 62054 448 Chamois Butt'r Powered By The

    05/29/2009 - Tulsa Tough Race | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    5 Ryan Halloran 62054 00:45:35.60 448 Chamois Butt'r Powered By The

    05/24/2009 - Quad Cities Criterium | Criterium | Cat 3 | | 10-99
    3 Ryan Halloran 62054 48 The Wheel Cycling Club

    05/24/2009 - Quad Cities Criterium | Criterium | Cat 1/2/3 | | 30-99
    19 Ryan Halloran 62054 26 The Wheel Cycling Club

    05/24/2009 - 31st Annual Melon City Criterium | Road Race | | | 10-99
    43 Ryan Halloran 62054 31 The Wheel Cycling Club

    04/26/2009 - Tour of St. Louis | Circuit Race | Cat 3 | |
    11 Ryan Halloran 62054 118 Wheel Cycling Club

    04/25/2009 - Tour of St. Louis | Criterium | Cat 3 | |
    4 Ryan Halloran 62054 118 Wheel Cycling Club

  14. I don't see Ryan dominating the 3's. Not really even winning the 3's so why is he a bagger? He's probably just beating you every time. There's a reason for that. We spent more time on the bike yesterday than you.

  15. We?? What is he your tandem butty? Facts are facts. How many top tens does one need to decide its time to move up. He is a perfect example of why all the other lower cats have trouble being able to move up. Thus creating other sandbaggers by default. Why is he a bagger? Can you not read the above results? How does his results differ from those of the previous CX racers listed? Is there a different set of rules for bagging when it comes to roadies. What if he is beating me, he is also beating a lot of other guys in the 3s. I would expect anyone who has the ability to race as a 2, but chooses to bag as a 3 to beat me. I am racing at my level. He is a bagger, he knows it, you know it, and so do a lot of other racers. When your avg finish is in the top 10, you have what it takes to move up. Oh wait, was he also not a multiple time St. Champ? I'm not saying he is a bad guy, so don't take it personal. He's just a bagger. I would tell you what I spent more time on yesterday than you, but it would be inappropriate for this blog.

  16. Dudes been a 3 for more than 6 years, always getting good results in +100 rider fields at huge races.

  17. You people are sad, sad little dweebs. If you are not calling the guy that you have pictured on the blog called "KC Sandbagger", a sandbagger, then why is he on this site at all? And remove his picture. You neither have the right to have it on this awful, pathetic site... or even the balls to put your name on your own posts.

    Get a life.

    From one who actually has one -- Barb Sheehan

  18. I'm a bit rusty in the specific details, but:


    If you appear in public in a public area, your photo can legally be taken by anyone at any time.

    Anyone posting a photo taken in a public area can post that photo in an editorial capacity on a web site, as long as the location and/or person are identified to the best of their ability.


    Some grey area, here, sure, but all the owner of this web site is guilty of, is of not identifying people and/or locations, which I (personally) think is fine in this case, because of issues already raised by some people who are commenting here.

    Yeah, you could continue to raise a stink over this and further enrich some attorney, and even though you'd probably gain a moral victory by making the sad little dweeb give it up, you'd still be a cranky "get of my lawn" type of individual.

    Have fun with that!

  19. Oh BARB!! now r5 has made you part of the game without even trying. The comment below your husband's would seem to apply to you too. As long as you ARE commenting and all, do you have thoughts on Ryan Halloran? He seems to be the biggest 'bagger of them all! I mean 6 years as a 3?! Seriously, he needs a medal for being able to stay down that long. Oh, someone commented to me on a ride that Ryan is a fireman too! Coinkadink?

  20. Biggest fish caught yet? It genus & species is Barbarus Sheehanicus but goes by the common name: God Fish. You are correct in stating I have no balls but then I have ovaries. What does it say about your life that would even take one precious second out of your day to come on this piece of crap blog and call others out? Excuse me while I fart in your general direction.

    Best Regards


  21. Of course here's another face-less anon hiding behind a keyboard saying something to somebody that they wouldn't do to there face. your criticism isn't constructive until it's presented in a mature manner.

  22. You just said this out loud? Really?

    Anonymous said...

    Of course here's another face-less anon hiding behind a keyboard saying something ...... your criticism isn't constructive until it's presented in a mature manner.

  23. Are we calling out Grover here? Dude, that's harsh when a muppet gets called out.

  24. In the East we have the reverse effect:
    People who should NOT upgrade, DO upgrade.
    Only to be shelled and become pack fodder.
    Your road races, at least, are safer.
    By the way, buy stuff from
    Just sayin'

  25. Definitely buying a pint glass from

  26. Anon said:

    In the East we have the reverse effect:
    People who should NOT upgrade, DO upgrade.


    In KC, we call that Colavita racers.

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