Monday, December 5, 2011

This is how racing works:

You borrow a CX bike and destroy the 4's. Don't even wait around to get called out, CTFU then proceed to smoke the 3's. No one is gonna complain if he stays a 3 for the rest of the season since he's only done a total of 9 races. But dude lines up in the open anyway. Finish near the back of the pack in epic conditions but who cares he's gonna see what he got. With a name like this he's got a lot to live up to and it looks like he's doing it the way its supposed to be done.
*btw ditch the arm and leg warmers in conditions like this. All they do is get wet and slow you down.

Some of you bagger apologists out there would probably be ok with Tilford racing the 3/4's because if you can't beat him, then you obviously aren't working hard enough. What a load of shit. Why do you think we have categories?

And for those of you who think KC sucks when it comes to national/regional races just take a look at recent results. Couple dudes in the top 10 in the 2's at Jingle. Dudes in the top 5 and top 30s in massive fields at Louisville. And not to mention past success in the masters by your local favorite type-A 360 dbags and boys in orange. So don't gimme that shit about about not being able to compete with 2's outside our area.

And BTW KC where were you guys last weekend? You embarrassed yourselves by getting outnumbered by dudes from the east.