Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not So Boss Cross

Mankini's plan to staff the Boss Cross series with Haitian child labor apparently fell thru and didnt bother telling anybody til a few days out. Pretty douche move on par with Tilford and so called local pros warming up on the course while the women's and childrens races are going on. KCA should come down hard on flaking out on prime dates but instead they are wasting time and money considering local drug testing thanks to Peckerwood's crusade. Boss Cross used to be the premier series with the best courses 'round here but this year he's bending us racers over and giving us the hog.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Limited

 photo yampodium.jpg r5 Challenges KC Metro racers who think they are fast to grow a pair and find out how fast they are not. Certain racers are getting a big head from beating up on our local cycling community while regional racers call out KC. Not everyone can travel but if you get a rep for trash talking, you need to back it by doing regional level races. If you think you are Cat 1 fast go out and prove it otherwise you are just King of Instagram. Everyone knows whuppin up on KCCX is so 2012.