Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Explosif Diarrhea

At this particular race, Pooface won by a margin of 30+ seconds over several other known sandbaggers which of course makes him a 'bagger himself. With three wins in 2009/10 and a whole mess of top fives, he can stand proud next to the likes of the master baggers below. Even C-Locke has called out this 'bagger. Might as well be racing the womens division in his pansy ass argyle unitard.
On a scale of 1 to 10, he scores a 9. I'll give him an extra point because I took one of his pit wheels without him knowing.


  1. Dudes got 9 speed and you call him a sandbagger?


    Unless that is his pit bike....then +5.

  2. Argyle? That's so...1985?

  3. 9 speed is PRO. Mud-shedding and all. I'm running 5 speed next season. With stem shifters, suckers!

    Blame Garmin for the argyle. They're losing their minds, with GPS being given out free with crappy cell phones. See market go POOF!!!

  4. 5-speed? How about 1 speed, that is mud sheeding. No more open class for me!

    You can't call sandbagger in the SS race...

  5. Looks like somebody shed mud all over Hershey.
    Gives a new meaning to Hershey-squirts.

  6. Well you couldn't call someone a bagger in SS CAT until you showed up with your 3 lbs bike, and helium inflated tires. Now its bagger city!

  7. Pooface! Hershey Squirts!?

    I don't care if it is slightly wrong this sh!t is funny!

  8. it looks like this guy want's attention. if all of you stop visiting his site & stop replying to his posts he is dead in the water. you are feeding his ego.....big grin...joel

  9. Distilling the billion comments on this blog... having a CAT 2 race or CAT 2/3 race would probably solve everyone's grips about bagging.

  10. What's wrong with having 20 dudes line up for an open race, just because the top 5 are going to lap 6th place, doesn't mean it won't be fun killing each other for a 10th place midpack finsih. CX isn't supposed to be about results all the time, especially on the local level, it is fun.

    Adding more categories will only cause more confusion and less starters at the line.

  11. But I'm glad someone brought it up. I saw that some regions do have a 2/3 race, though its true, the "elite" would probably be pretty small if KC went that way.

    Also, Volker, if you leave the open category, who will I kill myself to finish a minute behind? Don't leave me.

  12. Just doesn't make sense for me to see two categories, both with 5-10 starters.


    Wink says it here, there should be 10-15 guys in the 3's to upgrade. Plenty of the guys who consistently race 10+ races a year and consistently place top 20%.

    There are 3 categories in cross.




    Its unfair to many of the 3's trying to get 1 or 2 results a season and the beginner 4's getting lapped because the experienced 4's don't want to get lapped themselves.

    Don't worry Chris, I'm not leaving the open category...my baby is starting to sleep more.

  13. People will always grumble. Promoters could add more categories - all we'd get is more people complaining. Hey, we're supposed to be having fun, no?

    Funny thing about the ranking/points system. It's sim. to the SAT's, you get penalized for participating and getting poor results. Not that I care about the ranking, but I'll bet I'm not even in the top 15 at the end of the season. I could hang out a bit longer in the 3's...

    Volker - I upgraded even though my new baby won't allow me to sleep/train next year. Yay...?!


  14. Yes. Lets start a sleep deprived fathers category as well!

  15. Can we start a beer category too? I used to play beer league softball and that kick's major ass.
    A. Must be in beer-in-hand whilst racing
    2. I'm a beer snob so no PBR or anything equally as crappy. I'm on board with Boulevard.
    D. MOST IMPORTANT RULE. The winner has to BUY everyone else beer. THAT would stop the sandbagging.

  16. Yes. Lets start a sleep deprived fathers category as well!

    Damn, in that case I need to knock up some girl here really soon if I want to qualify and race that category when cx season rolls around in the fall.