Monday, August 30, 2010

High Fiiiive!

So after finally CTFU, young Bend Over promptly gets picked up by TradeWhine and immediately starts kickin ass in the next category- 8th at HHH last weekend! So all you 'baggin pussies out there take note: step it up to the next level and you might find yourself more than ready to issue a beatdown.

Cross is coming up soon and r5 has a feeling there will be plenty of material this season. If you completed a series in the 4's last year, you best be in the 3's this year. And if you were a regular on the podium in the 3's, we better be seeing you giving Bill's boys in orange your best shot. r5 hears he's been keeping them nice a shaven...

Monday, August 16, 2010

I need TP for my bunghole!

Dear Mercy cycling bullies,
Please quit sandbagging TNW and take your "I'm gonna stomp on your weak ass Cat3 breaks and not pull"-asses and go do your own crits somewhere else. We'll even give you a box of Burger King crowns to give to Shadd since none of the pussies around here can sprint for shit.
360, SuckKC, and Can-I-Please-Get-A-Piece-of-the-sprint-JoePud

ps- um yeeah, if you go ahead and take Tradewhine with you thatd be great!