Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Got Milk?

We all know when it comes to dirt and grass roadies turn into a bunch of tards and thus its understandable for some road 3s to be racing in the 3/4s. But 1's and 2's should never be allowed to line up in lower CX categories even if the only dismounting they've experienced was in the locker room. Bob Cumminyourmouth is a prime example. On a course with no technical sections, he easily smeared the 3/4 field at Joules which included a future sandbagger posterboy. Yeah he lined up for the Open afterwards but he had already blown his wad and had a built in excuse for not doing well. If your racing license says R2, it should not have a CX3 or CX4 next to it. And if it does, there should be a big stamp on it that says PUSSY.

On a bagger scale of 1-10, Cumminyourmouth scores an 11.5, +1.5 for the poser $7000 bike.

And BTW, congrats to Foreskinner on lining up in the Open and doing halfway decent.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This dude gives baggin' a new meaning. Foreskinner has been on a tear this year. He has won his last three races by more than just a few inches. In fact not only did he lap most of the 3's at Boss Cross, he caught up with the 8th place dude in the OPEN!

On a bagger scale of 1-10, this dude scores a 10. His weener scores a 1 inch. TIME TO SACK UP AND CAT THE FUCK UP dawg!

BTW, you Open pricks, cough *JENSEN*, need to get the fuck off the course while us 3s who pay good money to race. You assholes would throw a fit if one of us were warming up while you were racing so have some respect and get lost.