Tuesday, September 21, 2010



This seasons's first official CX post begins where we started off last year. At KC Cup Cyclocole showed us all that he had been ready for the open class since the Bush years. r5 heard he demolished the field at Swope, finishing second only to Deuce-Bagalow. Was there any doubt that he was 'baggin big time last year??? It'll be interesting to see how he does on a course with a little less singletrack against the boys in orange. r5 predicts that Bill will be tossing his bike more than once this year after getting smoked by Cowtown. And speaking of which, the orange let down in Hermann doesn't count since it was only two friggin laps. Come to KC and get another taste, Shotgun.

A new feature this year will be the anti-baggers of the week. Dudes who might wanna cat-the-fuck-down after last weeks performance:

1. Richard Who-Dat: dude almost got called out last year, CTFU like a man, but got lapped by all the 3's at Swope.

2. Poo-Face: dude got called out in the 3's last year, but then also proceeded to get thoroughly smoked at Swope.

3. Oh-Face: dude wants to race open but got smoked by St Louis racers in the 3s!??

4. Haynes-her-way: dude should just be doing the girls race. Juniors that is.

And finally whats up with all you road weenies wrapping your bikes and faces around the trees in the singletrack? Props to 360 for making a CX course thats a little more CHALLENGing than a roll in the hay with your second cousin.


  1. Haynes look funny on aluminum bike. What was his PSI?

  2. is it just me or did nobody actually get called out for baggin here?

  3. Johnson County's FinestSeptember 21, 2010 at 11:30 PM

    Cyclocole almost killed several riders at Bonebender this year. If anything, he should get called out for his bike handling skills, or lack thereof.

  4. Did Deuce ride his own bike, or did he grab bikes at random from other racers, and race on those?

  5. HEY R5,
    How about calling out the promoters for those 50 minute Elite races? Real Men race for 1 whole hour. And for those Cat 2/3 races, let's start them with those Elite guys, race them all 1 whole hour, like real men, and see who really is Man enough to make a go of it. But they'll get their own prize list of course to prevent the Cat 3's from crying then bagging the next week. Promoters, don't be scared, it's just 10 more minutes and won't be a problem if the races ever start on time. That's one or two more beers of spectating for the rest of us!