Monday, September 27, 2010

This dude is like the Tilford of the 4's. Moses Fancher is almost as old as the hills but is crushing dudes who will be subsidizing his Medicare for the next few decades. He might arrive on a Jazzy, but he races like an InATub taco through your digestive tract.

Check out his record in the CX4 "BEGINNERS" category:
-21+ races since 2007
-6 wins: FIVE last year and starting off 2010 with another one on what will be one of the toughest courses of the season at Manion's Cross.
-Countless top5's
-Way more than enough points to upgrade.
-His TT times places him in the Cat2 range, coming within seconds of guys like Bleser, Weinbeck and Price, and beating guys like Songer and Bissell who are all racing CX3 and above.

Its time for Moses to stop toying with the boys in the 20 minute race and start ripping legs in the 50+ minute 3's where he belongs.

On a scale of 1-10, this dude scores an 11. +1 for starting off the new season with a friggin win.

r5 forgot to mention that it appears that the Crashovita crew struck gold with this venue. The hillside course flowed smoothly and had lots of great features. You wouldn't know you were in Kansas with the view from the top. The beer was flowing, the tacos frying, and cowbells banging. 2010 KC cross season is off to a good start.


  1. Wuts up with all the baggers on your team Mark!

  2. Eff this. I'm racing Cat 4 Women 40+ at Boss Cross. If this dbag can go Cat 4 after winning FIVE of those trainwrecks last season, clearly there's no way anybody can stop me. (I'm not a Cat 4 Woman who is 40 or above, in case you don't get my drift.)

  3. So let it be written so let it be done....

  4. Will Hanes-her-way be doing some spot upgrade enforcement at Boss Cross next week?
    After all he says on his blog that if you won your series last year you wont be racing in the same category this year.

  5. Good point. I agree with what I see on Haynes-Her-Ways blog. I'll save you the work, and repost it here:


  6. I wonder what tires Team "Scooter Store" was running? He did well in the mud with that thing!

  7. MUD, MUD, there was no stinking MUD.

  8. Quit racing Open, you pussy, and Fanch*r your way into Cat 4. That wasn't instant pudding those tires were spinning on up the hill.

    Three truths of CX I see so far:

    1. Open has damn near a NASCAR track by the time everyone else has rolled over it.

    2. Two weeks in, and JB is still not rocking Open, nor has SKC put anyone else new into Open (JB does a fine job building up bikes, though).

    3. That professor dude in the TT helmet schooling the masters classes was worth its weight in gold.

    (And how are there like five women's classes, with something like 14 women racing, yet Cat 4 has like 70 people there, apparently from most every OTHER class on the day?) LMFAO! r5 can be VP, when The Professor is prez.

  9. Dear JB impersonator,

    You are an idiot. Your 'three truths' are idiotic. Your syntax is idiotic. Your usage of 'something like' and 'has like' is idiotic.
    The 20 women racers in 'like' five classes are now aware you are an idiot also.

  10. Fancher now has 25 points. USAC CX upgrade guideline for 4-3 you need experience in 10 races, or 10 points in 12 months. He should not be allowed to race as a 4 any longer.

  11. Winkler's blog, Oct. 27, 2009:

    Here's a hot topic!

    I did some number crunching with the points list.

    Here's some basics:

    For the Open Men:
    Mean: 338
    3rd Quartile: 388

    For the B Men (combined Cat 3 & Cat 3/4)
    Mean: 438
    1st Quartile: 408
    3rd Quartile: 466

    For the Cat 4 Men
    Mean: 530
    1st Quartile: 474

    What does it all mean? I would suggest that any Cat 3 with lower than 388 points should seriously consider moving up. It would appear you could ride mid-pack in the Open class. Similarly, if you are Cat 4 with fewer than 466 points, it could be your time.

    This would essentially shift 10-15 guys from the 3s to the Open race and shift 25-30 guys from the 4s to the 3s. This shift would change the fields sizes to: Open: 30-35, Cat 3: 40-45, Cat 4: 25-30. Seems reasonable.

  12. r5 to the starting line.

    r5 to the starting line.

  13. That's some fine photo-shop work, r5. Pretty damn funny.

  14. We get no respect.

  15. Dear Fake Molly:

    Hi, Aubree.

  16. Will the real Aubree please stand up?? Cause it's not "fake Molly" should know me better than that guys, I post under my real name!

    but i wish i had seen the tt helmet in action...sounds fantastic!!!

  17. Epic (from bike-o-latte):

  18. Did he really wear the jumpsuit during the race?

  19. That's a shot from the race. I have to hand it to Plummer and Bowes. I couldn't have ridden with that going on.

  20. Colavita got the nod of approval from r5! Fuck yes, we rule.

  21. If you look at the top 5 of the Cat 4 race the last three weekends you will find some common people who have been in the 4's way too long.