Monday, November 15, 2010

Barely (UCI) Legal

Which is wider? This dude's cx tires:

M'Adam Broslice* punked our local band of misfits 4's by minutes, rubbing it in by popping a wheelie at the finish, then proceeded to line up and destroy the 3's too. Even Moses Fancher could not keep up. Checking out M'Adams record before this weekend he had only done 4 races, winning 3 of them so he's pretty much a newly minted 'bagger. So r5 is calling our our local racers for getting CLOWNED by some noob from Iowa on monster truck tires who before last month had no record of racing anywhere r5 could find. What the hell happened out there to you guys? Yall musta eaten at the same restaurant the Chiefs did over the weekend. That was seriously a pathetic effort guys. Its the second year in a row some out of towner came in and kicked your asses.

Now theres only a few more weeks till state so you guys better change out your maxis or next thing you know you'll get reemed by some dude from that joke of a cx scene from St Louis.

* update- this is Broslice

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rougher than rough

This is a "Spiral of Death." It does not belong on a cx course. However r5 heard that the farm was a sweet venue for cross and hope it remains a mainstay in the local scene.

This is a Spiral of Ham. It belongs in r5's belly.

Congrats to Tristina for CTFU and doing a 3/4 race. 10th out of 21 is solid for his first 3's race. He will only get better racing with faster dudes. For you 4's thinking about making the move, jump in a 3/4 race and see where you stand. There are lots of slow fattys in the 3's that will be easy pickins.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking it like a man

What more can r5 say? If you can still podium in that getup, theres no doubt yer a bagger!

Its a shame 360 and none of the Open guys got into the holiday spirit. Bunch of fun-haters. r5 bets those guys all had their lights off Halloween night too. Can't have no candy in the house when you're still trying to fit into that wedding dress. And no P-Coletrain, that nasty Mr Goodbody skinsuit doesn't count. Its a wonder more people don't crash while sitting behind you.

Cat3 baggers, your time is almost up...