Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dude, time to CTFU!
10 top 5's and + two top 10's = SANDBAGGER!
Until then, the Crit-Nazi says: NO A-RACE FOR YOU!

And BTW, when the hell is Bike Shack gonna update their ugly ass kits??


  1. Um, that's not Kyle Skinner.

  2. Hahaha, r5 you dipshit! You think youd at least get your teammates photo correct.

  3. Yeah that's Kent Woermann and he set a great example and C'dTFU twice last season.

    Agreed on the kits. I think the 2011 design will be the sexiest in the weeknight peloton.

  4. Ummm..one additional note, besides the fact that somone already called you out for the Kent pic, rather than Kyle. Kyle CTFU on the road, strictly based off of cross results...he hadn't even done a road race or a crit as a Cat 5...so clearly he's not one to stick around in a category he's not suppose to be in too long. Give him a few more races to get some more race experience (outside of the spring flings) and I'm sure he'll CTFU!

  5. I look more like Kearney. And blue brings out my eyes.

  6. There is way too much sexy going on there to be Kyle Skinner

  7. His jersey looks a little small but i heard he's been giving Edna Krabapple the high hard one, so that's cool.

  8. CX results? Look again.
    04/26/2010 - Joseph Sheehan Road Race | Road Race | Cat 4 | |
    3 Kyle Skinner 293746 123 Bicycle Shack Racing

    04/24/2010 - 2010 Tour de Hills Road Race | Road Race | Cat 3/4 | Open |
    7 Kyle Skinner 293746 00:00.0 104 Bicycle Shack Racing

    04/18/2010 - Tour of Hermann | rr | Cat 4 | |
    4 Kyle SKINNER 293746

    04/17/2010 - Tour of Hermann | itt | Cat 4 | |
    4 Kyle Skinner 293746

    04/17/2010 - Tour of Hermann | crit | Cat 4 | |
    5 Kyle SKINNER 293746
    Here's the thing, if you have the ability, talent, and results to move up, then do it. It's not like he needs to learn how to ride in a group. 5s and 4s are stepping stones for strong riders. Take a step or two, feel things out, if your kicking everyone's ass, move on. Skinner, follow your teammates example and CTFU..Dude your ready. Come kick some ass in the 3s.

  9. I think Aubree referred to Kyle CingTFU for 2010 from 5>4 on the road - never having done a road race - strictly based on his 09 cross results. But I agree with your end statement.