Monday, May 10, 2010

Joe Martin

First off, congrats to Schmalz-Liquor for getting 2nd overall in the 1-2 field. r5 remembers when he was gettin smoked out at Spring Fling...when he was 14. Damn dude, can I get a loan? r5 needs some new Grifos.

With a win in the RR and a 5th overall is there any doubt now that Skinnnnnner needs to CTFU?? r5 hears that the 3's are where the chicks be puttin out. And WTF are they feeding you guys out in east-Jack?

Maybe the mummy should change his blog motto to "Joy is ON the pavement beneath my machine, I am miles ON my back." r5 has a bottle Wild Turkey for ya if you ever finish a race upright.

And speaking of wrecks, if you dont like road rash, you'd best give Swerve-ford a wide berth. Yet another front wheel loses a battle to his rear derailleur:
Joe Martin crash, Iowa crash. Seriously, what the hell? Either too many people are overlapping wheels or somebody needs to quit making sudden moves...

And finally, heal up quick DP.


  1. if they can't stay up on pavement, i can see why they don't ride dirt with the real men.

  2. This is your best work yet.

    ...and since you have your thumb on the friction-shifter pulse of the cycling scene, I'd like to ask the Or5acle his take on Rapha. Now, I understand Kobe beef calves are high maintenance because of daily mani-pedis and 24hr moo-wave music, but Merinos got life pretty easy. I think it's just a bunch of Euro wannabes marketing cycling's version of Louis Vitton or Coach to a bunch of spoiled, superficial 'Mericans. And just like our tendency to believe BBC news over our own media because it's delivered in a nice European accent, guvna, we look at some grainy, French-Italian looking overprocessed photos with a splash of pink and can't wait to plop down $200 for a jersey (these people are in love w/all things Europe so much they have a currency converter bookmarked on their browser...)

  3. 'The mummy'

    i love it.

    Keep up the quality nick names.