Sunday, April 4, 2010

Smokin' Tweed

r5 was a little sick of having grown men starin at his spandexed ass so instead of playing Nascar on bikes, he sandbagged the "Tweed Ride." r5 easily scored the hole shot and trounced the field, even having enough time to button up his vest and straighten his mustache at the finish line, finally experiencing what its like to be a true 'bagger. The most glorious part of the day though? Not a single 360 jersey in sight! Truly a happy Easter indeed.


  1. I, too, actually laugh when I see a 360 jersey.....It's actually entertaining....makes you especially sick when they hang out in groups after a ride/race, and god forbid you are not one of them! Mwahhh haaaa haaaaaaa....

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