Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cat None

Heard there were only a couple 1/2's lined up today at Perry. PATHETIC. Whats worse than a sandbagger is a bunch of fat pussies who won't race. What kind of motivation is this for all the Cat3 'baggers to CTFU? Well, I bet Butt'rball Turkey is turned on...


  1. Nobody showed up probably because they all went to Tulsa....66 miles on Saturday and I believe and equally long race on Sunday. Should be a large turnout, which is what a 1,2 is looking for and needs to fuel teir talents. Oh yea, I believe the payouts were pretty good too... but the real reason is the field size and length of the race. The 1,2's do not want to race Perry for 25 -30 miles....hell that's a warmup for them

  2. You "HEARD" about Perry.....Where where you? On the couch with a bag of Cheetos?

  3. "Nobody showed up probably because they all went to Tulsa"

    No they didn't, but they should have. Only a handful of KC racers made the trip according to the results. Wait, results are already posted from Tulsa? From just yesterday?! Really??! Oklahoma must have some well-run races!! Haven't seen any KC area results yet! I wonder who raced?

  4. Dugast-in-your-faceMarch 8, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    All the KC Cat2's are sandbagging in the 3's, duh.

  5. i can't wait to sandbag at the tweed ride, you Payne Stewart wanna be, sherlock holmes pipe smoking, midwest flyover country hicks masquerading as tweed clad sophisticates are going down.

    Penny-farthing in the house!

  6. Dunno about Butt'rBall, but I'm turned on.

  7. Agent Smith: You hear that Mr. r5?...
    That is the sound of inevitability...
    It is the sound of your death...
    Goodbye, Mr. r5. ...