Wednesday, December 1, 2010

She Bags! She Bags! She Bags!

Ladies and gentlemen, r5 presents to you sandbaggerkc's first girl-bagger!
Even though Chewbecca probably eats dinner at 3pm and is in bed by the early evening newscast, she races like she just stole a pack of hearing aid batteries from Walgreens. Her record is littered with 1's and 2's: this year she has no less than 6 wins and 5 second places!! Chewbecca could jump into the "men's" 4s and eat all their lunches and you know a few of those guys could stand to go on a diet.

On a scale of 1-10, Chewbecca scores a 9. -1 for the funky socks.

PS: A reminder to St Louis CX'ers as to whats to come this weekend....


  1. bbbbbbbbagger!

    I bow down to you o' master of photo shop.

  2. What's up with the swastika on the arm of 360 guy? Little distasteful.

  3. you should be ashamed of yourself for bagging on a 55 year old woman racing in the women's masters category in her first year of racing. R5, you are a sad, pathetic soul who needs a new hobby.

  4. Cat Diarrhea said "Baguette" and wins the internet!
    A female bagger is now officially a baguette.

  5. I came across this blog after a google search. What is this about? It makes no sense.

  6. 360 guys are distasteful.

  7. And why are 360 guys distasteful? Since this post is about women (I think there is one female 360 race), what the hell are you blabbing about?

    Seems like this blog is full of comments from the slow, jealous, immature and sad. Oh, that is the point, isn't it.

  8. Chewbecca kicks ass and is an inspiration to all who are looking to get into cross.

  9. STAY OUT of my sandbox! We are trying to grow the number of women that race Cyclocross in the KC area. The fact that you are bullying my competition is not appreciated nor wanted. You don't race against us so leave it be!

  10. Wookies on squirrelback fighting Nazis!!! r5, you've outdone yourself.

  11. Fu*king Germans. Nothing changes. Fu*king Nazi's

    They were Nazis, Dude?

    Oh, come on Donnie, they were threatning castration! Are we going to split hairs here?

  12. Kat, is that you in the sandbox?

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Sounds like you're tired of taking a beating. Go train instead of complaining.

  16. ..."the slow, jealous, immature and sad"...

    add some homophobia, sexism, racism and calls to violence. Yes, earlier threads have comments with that kind of content.

    All in good fun? r5 could moderate the crap and still make his point. Meanwhile, as is, this shit is toxic to the cycling community.

    New folks, sponsors and friends that stumble on to this might get the 'joke'. They also might not.

    Asshats retort in 3...2..1

  17. 360 are turbo nazi's..

  18. Here's an asshat retort.

    You shouldn't say "this" is toxic to the cycling community because this sort of thing has been happening to local cycling. I saw it happening as soon as I became part of it. People are just negative. Not cyclists, but people in general. You find this in every facet of life. Guess what? Lawyers at law firms talk shit about lawyers at other law firms. Architects at one firm talk shit about another. Police for one department talk shit about the city right to the south. And so on.

    There was a lot of flaming of individuals and teams on blogs last year and the year before. Some of it was more veiled than others. This is simply another forum for it. And I'm seeing some chickens coming home to roost for some individuals who were flaming others, not just on the Internet but also at races, and now suddenly find they don't like it. It's no fun to be called names. But some of the people whose feeling are hurt by it perhaps should have considered that dynamic when they were the ones fanning the flames. These people know who they are.

  19. Summary of the asshat retort:

    I'm negative, so everybody else is.

    If everybody else is doing it, it's O.K.

    Two wrongs make a right.


  20. "You shouldn't say "this" is toxic to the cycling community..."

    Yes, you should. It is.

  21. Bacteria have just been found on earth by NASA scientists (they can't fly to space anymore due to the economy) that thrive in such toxic environments. So maybe toxins aren't so bad. Perspective is everything.

  22. According to the british the new colonies was considered a toxic environment...

  23. Aden
    Antigua and Barbuda
    Basutoland - see Lesotho
    Bechuanaland - see Botswana
    British Antarctic Territory
    British Central Africa
    British East Africa
    British Guiana - see Guyana
    British Honduras - see Belize
    British Indian Ocean Territory
    British New Guinea (Papua)
    British Somaliland - see Somaliland
    British South Africa Company
    Burma - see Myanmar
    Cape Colony - South Africa
    Ceylon - see Sri Lanka
    Cook Islands
    East India Company
    Federated Malay States
    Gilbert and Ellice Islands - see Kiribati and Tuvalu
    Gold Coast - see also Ghana
    Ionian Islands
    Hong Kong
    Lagos (Nigeria)
    Leeward Islands
    Liu Kung Tau - see China
    Malaya - see Malaysia
    Mosquito Coast - see Nicaragua
    Nauru - see Western Pacific High Commission
    New Hebrides - see Vanuatu
    New South Wales
    New Zealand
    Niger Coast Protectorate - see British Nigeria
    Niue - see Western Pacific High Commission
    North Borneo - see Sabah
    Northern Nigeria - see British Nigeria
    Northern Rhodesia - see Zambia
    Nyasaland - see Malawi
    Orange River Colony
    Rhodesia - see Zimbabwe
    Royal Niger Company
    Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
    Saint Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Sierra Leone
    Solomon Islands
    South Africa
    South Australia
    Southern Nigeria - see British Nigeria
    Southern Rhodesia - see Zimbabwe
    Straits Settlements
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Turks and Caicos Islands
    Unfederated Malay States - see Historical Flags in Malaysia
    Victoria Colony
    Weiheiwei - see China
    West African Settlements
    West Indies Federation
    West Pacific High Commissioner
    Western Australia
    Western Samoa - see Samoa
    Windward Islands
    Witu Protectorate

  24. That's a lot of colonies!

  25. That "toxin" wouldn't be a toxin to the bacteria. It would still be a toxin to other forms of life.
    The comments on this blog may not be toxic to some of the asshats but remain a toxic to the cycling scene.

  26. I think the "toxin" is coming from two things: one, the "baggers" who are able to cat up, but do not, and therefore eat up prizes and podium spots from riders trying to improve and feel good about making a podium for once; two, anonymous posters on this site -- whether positive or negative comments -- only serve to fan the flames of unsports(wo)man like conduct and is used as a base for harsh accusations in something that should be fun.

    I see nothing wrong with r5 calling out those who are bending or breaking the rules of fair and civilized competition (though I am undecided as to his position of anonymity). Disgraceful anonymous comment's towards racers, teams or team leaders are what is really building walls between us.

    If you can upgrade, do it, then there will be no problems. If you have something to say, don't hide behind a mask to save your own face while tearing off that of another. Aren't we adults? Why not act like it?

    A lot of people already believe all cyclists are tools, I don't think we need to reinforce that stereotype any longer.

  27. The state champs this weekend were littered with baggers on the KS and MO sides.

  28. This blog is littered with dumbass comments from people who like to worry about other peoples bike racing rather than actually racing.

    Go watch football and scream at your TV. Losers.
    Oh shit, I get it now. That's the point.

  29. The British would prefer to be referred to as British rather than british.

  30. "The state champs this weekend were littered with baggers on the KS and MO sides.."

    I doubt you'd know. You were sittin' on the sofa eating pork rinds both days.

  31. Cat 3 and not because of this mess.

  32. How many of you losers are involved in this idiot art project?

  33. If you little boys would spend more time on cyclocross skills and less time shopping for jeggings, practicing fixie skids and commenting on this blog you might not get your asses handed to you by 'teh sandbaggers'.

  34. Shad rides some iron CX bike from 1930 now. Coe pwned him in the second Day of Horrible Winds.

    Man, I can't wait for Madison. I hear they'll have tents!

  35. ..."Disgraceful anonymous comment's towards racers, teams or team leaders are what is really building walls between us."...

    No shit?

  36. How do I order action figures? I still don't understand this site. Are the figurines licensed?

  37. "If you little boys would spend more time on cyclocross skills and less time shopping for jeggings, practicing fixie skids and commenting on this blog you might not get your asses handed to you by 'teh sandbaggers'."

    What she said X 2.

  38. This blog cracks me up and I think people take the rantings here WAY too seriously. Chill out, y'all -- this is some funny shit! The photoshop "art" alone is worth the price of admission!

    I also think r5 chose to call out becca out of desperation to find a sandbagger last week. Considering this is her first full year of cross it's just silly to be calling her out as a baguette. Let her finish out the season and THEN call her out if she doesn't CTFU, which I'm sure she will.

    And while I'm at it, may I suggest that promoters consider adding a W 3/4 category to their races? There were a few races this year that did, but for the most part the choices are 4s and open. You'd probably see more women catting up if they had an option of racing against someone other than 1s and 2s (okay, there's not a lot of 1s racing, but there are some hella fast 2s out there against whom even a seasoned Cat 4 has NO CHANCE whatsoever). Just sayin...

  39. The subject is already a Cat 3. Knew nothing about this 'call out' prior.

  40. 360 Nazis. I hate 360 Nazis.