Monday, October 1, 2012


sandcrash The reports of my death are greatly exagerated. It appears that the new crop of CXers have grown a pair and have CTFU'd long before being called out. At last count there are now at least 56 cx1/2 racers in the KC area and entries in the first few races have reflected this. Instead of just a half dozen jackoffs lining up in the open wondering how many times they were gonna get lapped by Shmalz it is now actually a competitive event: Manions1: 16, manions2: 13, Bosscross1: 14 and Bosscross2: 25!! (Gateway Cross Cup only drew 20 in the pro/1...) The current top rung of the Cx3 are catching and passing a few of the Open riders so we may have more company in the fastest race of the day very soon. So for the first year ever and to the disappointment of many, no one has earned front page honors on KC Sandbagger except this dude. UNWEIGHT THAT FRONT WHEEL DUDE!